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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Big Up's to Billups!!!

I write on this fine winter evening about my favorite player in the NBA: Mr. Big Shot, Chauncey Billups.

Last night, Chauncey Billups put Memphis away after missing last second shots in regulation and the first overtime. Billups nailed a 15-footer with 0.3 seconds left to give the Detroit Pistons a 106-104 double OT win over the Memphis Grizzlies. Billups finished the game shooting 8-18 from the field, 10-10 from the line, 4-7 from beyond the 3-point line, and finished with 30 points and 9 assists.

This season Chauncey Billups has been one of the top PG's in the NBA. He still won't start on the Eastern Conference NBA All-Star line-up because of A.I and Dwayne Wade, but he still deserves consideration for the NBA MVP!

Billups scored 28 points and an NBA best 19 assists against the Sacramento Kings last Wednesday night. Chauncey is averaging 19 points per game, 2.6 rebounds, 8.8 assists, and 2.3 3-pointers/game this season.

My tip of the on the Pistons and take the over every game the rest of the year. Go ahead quit your job, buy yourself a new car, you'll be liquid by the end of the season.
I'm rich biatch!


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