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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Expert NFL Picks - Week 14

Lol, check out the Yahoo User's record compared to the So-Called-Experts for NFL picks - week 14. The Guru always uses this site for quality NFL picks, line.

Also, check out funny pictures for this week...

How many more wins will this shmuhk get this year?

Mariucci's new agent!

Detroit's management heading in opposite directions?

Off to Denver tomorrow, be back this Thursday with more posts. The 30-year old virgin will be at the GB-Det. game this weekend in the frozen tundra and will have pics for me to post of cheese-infused hot dogs and 'fire Millen' signs. If anyone wants to contact me with ideas, suggestions, or to say whats up...just click the Email Me! link on the sidebar -or- leave me comments by clicking the comments link below each post. Good luck Lions, I'm out.


Blogger Erik Mann said...

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August 05, 2006


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