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Monday, December 19, 2005


I want to start this post tonight by stating that I truly feel for the die hard Lion's fans. I myself have been a Detroit Lion's fan since I was a very young boy. So it was strange that I didn't even feel the urge to watch the game last night. I looked up at the television only a handful of times, because I already knew the outcome.

I advised my friends who bet on the NFL, that once Mariucci was fired, bet against the Lions for the rest of the season. These players have nothing to play for anymore besides their contracts. I don't even think they care about the city they play in or even for their interim coach. Now here's where I'm going with this: The players definitely pretend to love the Ford family because that's who signs their checks, but when it comes to Matt Millen, we'll let the pictures speak for themselves...

I want to thank "The 30 year old Virgin" for his pictures from the Detroit-Green Bay game last Sunday night. And thanks to Sports Radio 1130 WDFN "The Fan" for holding the "Angry Fan March" in Detroit.

I myself at one time respected Matt Millen. I mean he did bring championships to 4 cities in:
Super Bowls XV and XVIII with the Oakland/Los Angeles Raiders, Super Bowl XXIV with the San Francisco 49'ers, and Super Bowl XXVI with the Washington Redskins. Millen also made his mark in the NFL with a distinguished 12-year playing career at linebacker for Oakland/L.A. Raiders (1980-88), S.F. 49'ers (1989-90) and Washington Redskins (1991). He was the only player in NFL history to earn 4 Superbowl rings with 3 different teams.

Millen's credentials as a player could have got him hired by any team in the NFL and possibly even elected as the Governor of Minnesota. Then this happened...
Matt Millen was appointed President and CEO on January 9th, 2001. He only inherited 3 players on the current roster, DE Jared Devries, K Jason Hanson, and FB Corey Schlesinger. His 2003 and 2004 draft picks were acclaimed by the national media as the very best picks in the entire draft. In addition to his draft picks, Millen hired fired Head Coach Steve Mariucci, who helped the San Francisco 49'ers to four 10-win seasons. In my opinion, the best pick-up's on draft day made by Millen were: WR Roy Williams with the 7th pick in 2004 and RB Kevin Jones in the 1st round (30th overall) in 2004.

Thus I ask, why do the Fords think that a hard-hitting player like Millen would be a successful President? Do on-field skills really translate to the front office? Did Millen really need to come to Detroit to try and win a Super Bowl for the pathetic Lions? Ponder that and comment below.

I'm out and congrats to my bro Nachem a.k.a. "the dinosaur" for graduating from UofM!


Anonymous S.Silverman said...

Hello again, all I can say is that the lions are a complete joke. Besides the city being corrupt, we now have a football team with just as bad of an image as the city!!! What the lions owners needs to do is get rid of millen and hire mike martz of the st.louis rams a definite prospect of the lions. He unlike our past head coach marriucci. (Excuse my spelling, I am writing this off of my blackberry) anyways, what martz brings to the table is not the 3 yard pass on 3rd and 11 like stevie m. Used to call for; instead martz loves the 20 yard wide out throw downfield. That's what I feel the lions need to be sucsessful. Too much 3rd and outs because of stupid play calling.


December 19, 2005

Blogger The Sports Meshugenuh said...

Here is my rebuttal: Mike Martz would make a fine head coach for the Lions I agree, but with his current health situation I think Martz should retire and spend some quality time with his family!

December 19, 2005

Anonymous Uncle Alan said...

Your old uncle has seen nothing from this joke of a team since 1957.No direction,no clue,no plan.Why is anyone even interested in the Leo's?What is even worse is my Raiders being 4-10........

December 20, 2005


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