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Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Boy was last night an evening to remember for the ages! I first would love to talk about my favorite sport for those of you out there that don't know me which is...Baseball. My favorite team besides my hometown Detroit Tigers would have to be the "Evil Empire" N.Y. Yankees. My favorite player just happened to play for the Yank's biggest nemesis, the red sox (notice, not capitalized). This pile of hair will now roam Center Field in N.Y. and bring back another glorious championship in 06!

I will now review his numbers from last season: Damon batted .316, 10 HR, 75 RBI, 117 R, and 18 SB. My prediction for Damon on the Yankees this year will be similar, but I think he may hit 5-10 more HR's because of the dimensions of Yankee Stadium. Mad respect to the red sox fans who just lost their best player besides Big Poppy and Man-Ram. Big Poppy and Man-Ram will have 20 less RBIs in 06, because Johnny Hairball is the best lead off batter in the MLB. The red sox will suck next year. They may not even make the play-off's, but yes, I admit they deserved the World Series Title, but never again in my lifetime.

Now for the best head of hair competition:

Last night Kobe Bryant "the slam dunk giant" single-handedly overshadowed the Damon news. I have to give props to Kobe for scoring 62 points in 3 quarters against the Dallas Mavericks. Isn't it odd that Kobe is so Jordanesque with the same coach on the bench? I still think L.A. is a crappy team besides Odom and Bryant. The only players on any given night that could even put up 55 points would be A.I, Kobe, or King James! Furthermore, check out the box score and you will see how big of a ball hog Kobe really is (I still have love 4 ya).

Click here for Lakers/Mavericks Box Score

Betting tip of the day:
LAS VEGAS BOWL @ Sam Boyd Stadium - Las Vegas, NV on December 22

vs. Take California all day long -8, they will win by 21!

Finally, I want to wish my family a great time in Europe and I will hopefully have some pics to share from their trip in the future.


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