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Saturday, December 17, 2005

NBA Picks

I'm sitting here on my computer today typing away and trying to watch the UCLA-Michigan NCAA basketball game. As I type, the score reads UCLA-57, UofM -44. The actual line for the game is U of M -8. This brings me to the content of my post today. If you have ever bet on basketball you understand that most games are decided by last minute free-throws, or big runs in the last crucial minutes of a game. The reason I don't gamble myself is because I have been killed by missed free throws and last second half court three's to ruin my point spread.

Even with that said, I still will give you my locks of the day:

Houston Rockets
Los Angeles Clippers- I like the Clippers to win by 3 and a hook.

Detroit Pistons- I like the Pistons to cover 7 and a hook!
Charlotte Bobcats

Miami Heat- I like Miami getting 1 and a hook.
Cleveland Cavaliers

Sacramento Kings
San Antonio Spurs-I like SA by 8 and a hook

Boston Celtics
at - I like the over in this game, over 198
Chicago Bulls

I want to acknowledge The Muffin Man and his brother The Power Attorney for shoveling the snow from their parents driveway before they come back from the Caribbean-what a mitzvah!


Anonymous S.silverman said...

I also agreee that in last minutes of the game is when betting become most risky. I have also lost a good deal of money with last minute runs, and buzzer beaters. Although, I do also think that lines on a game are not the only factor people should look at. You need to study the team stats, injury report, and last 10 game performances. Also, the team has to come into the game with heart. That's the other factor of a team's loss; not having heart. I always say even when your down 20 you need to have heart or you'll never have the chance to win a game. What I will leave this comment with is that everyone needs to remember that offense puts fans in the seats but defense wins ball games.

December 19, 2005

Blogger The Sports Meshugenuh said...

S. Silverman is that you? What you have written is very valuable to this site. I also think you should pursue a career in sports, because you definatly know what your talking about.
Great stuff!
Your a valuable asset to my site.
The Sports Meshugenuh

December 19, 2005


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