meshugenuh (me-shu-ge-nuh) n. Yiddish 1) A crazy person, 2) A madman.


Saturday, December 10, 2005

Welcome to the World of the Sports Meshugenuh!

Greetings earthlings,

My name is The Sports Meshugenuh and I'm entering the blogging world with a BANG!!!!

First let me explain the true meaning of the Sports Meshugenuh...the word Meshugenuh is a Yiddish word meaning: 1.) a crazy person, and 2.) a madman! For those of you who already know me, I'm one of the craziest sport's junkies on the planet. I am a madman when it comes to stats and fantasy sports. Every year I compete in fantasy Baseball, Football, and Basketball. I have been known to be in multiple leagues for prizes, but I also am a true sick f--- because I enroll in free leagues to keep track of stats for players who I am watching.

For example, this year I am in a fantasy Basketball league for prizes, but I also have three other fantasy Basketball teams that are not for prizes. I use one for players that are rising stars such as rookies. I use another for players who are injured, so I know the exact date they will begin playing again. And finally, I use my third team to draft my favorite players without worrying about their stats at all. By doing this for the last couple of years I have figured out many trends within the fantasy sports world and have almost always had a winning team.

Every post, I will give you my top sports picks. I will also have contests in the future to give out free The Sports Meshugenuh t-shirts and sports memorabilia. I will also share stories and pictures of everything going on in the sports world. Furthermore, I'm giving expert information for fantasy leagues to give you the edge. I'm not using this site to make any bets for myself or to make money off gambling! In layman terms I'm your sports Guru and you are using my site to make your own decisions about gambling, l'cha-yihm!


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