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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Back from Vegas!

Hello Gang and welcome back to the Greatest Sports Blog on the Planet! I just got back from Vegas and I'm trying to recuperate from the bets I made on the trip. First, I will show you that I'm not perfect and even I can jump on the band-wagon sometimes! Here are 2 of my pathetic picks that I miserably lost last weekend:

Indy -10 (This was by far the worst bet I made on the entire trip but it turned out to be an epic game)

N.E. +3 ( Another fine example of how the ref's can screw up an important game)

I did the unthinkable and bet on Harvard to cover a game over Dartmouth. For those of you out there who don't follow Ivy-League basketball, (Harvard will be the Ivy-League conference selection for the "Big Dance" this year). I stand by my team and you heard it here first, Bet on Harvard with the points from here on out!
I did not watch Harvard Man before I made my pick! (lol)

"When it comes to Harvard, it's always a smart bet"

I finally want to thank Stars Live 365 and Field of Dreams in The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. I got to hang out with Pete Rose and watch the Chicago Bears loose to the Carolina Panthers on Sunday. For all you memorabilia junkies who will be visiting Vegas this year, check out Field of Dreams @ The Forum Shops @ Caesars Palace, and tell them the Sports Meshugenuh sent ya!

I had a great time in Vegas but its great to be back here in Michigan!
Check out my blog this week and Go Seattle, my pick for the Super Bowl Champions in my hometown Detroit this year.
-Hasta La Vista Baby-


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