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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Betting Advice

Look what happened in the NBA last night:

Indiana Pacers-94
Atlanta Hawks-104

New Orleans Hornets-78
Boston Celtics-91

Houston Rockets-97
Milwaukee Bucks-80

Toronto Raptors-101
Denver Nuggets-107

New Jersey Nets-78
Utah Jazz-89

Los Angeles Clippers-96
Golden State Warriors-93

If you took all the favorites you were a pathetic 1-5.
This just proves that betting on the favorites never wins you money!
Although, this may be a fluke, take my word and do your research before you waste your hard earned money.

This leads me to the title of my post today. Watch the Super Bowl line increse untill game-time and put your money on the underdog, Seattle.

Here are the current lines in Vegas as we speak:

Stardust-Pit (-4)
Caesars-Hilton-Pit (-4)
MGM-Mirage-Pit (-4)
Stations-Pit (-4)

I guarantee this game will be close and I even think the Steelers may win by a field goal.
Remember, bet on Seattle or take Pit with the money line and have yourself a great time in Detroit this year for Super Bowl XL!

Good Luck!


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