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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Go USC & The Hockey Phenom-Sidney Crosby!

First of all, go USC Trojans. This is the first time in a while when I truly believe that the favorite will cover in the BCS Championship Bowl. Last year I was totally wrong by telling my friends to bet on Oklahoma over USC. I have learned my lesson and I hope that everyone took USC and the under tonight.

vs. -Take USC giving 7 points!

Also take the under tonight (70 points)

The second topic of the evening is Sidney Crosby. If you shop on E-Bay you already know that his rookie cards are going for around $200 a pop. The reason why I bring this up tonight is the fact that you can buy boxes of 05-06 Upper Deck Hockey at your local Meijers (in Michigan) or at other retail shops around the country and sell them on E-bay to make a nice profit. Example: I purchased 2 boxes today retail value= $19.99 and listed each box on E-bay for $40.00 each. You have a chance to get a brand spanking new Crosby rookie card, but why take the chance. Let someone else open the packs and find it. If anyone out there has found any boxes for $19.99- email me and I will buy them off you. I still want a Crosby rookie card as well so keep that in mind and also email me if you have one and are willing to sell it.

Click here for a little background information on Sidney Crosby:

Here are Sidney Crosby's stats this season in the NHL: Yahoo Stats

Enjoy the Rose Bowl and keep a look out for Crosby Cards$$$$$$$$$$$$$!!!!!

P.S. Why did Reggie Bush try and lateral the ball?
I am currently watching the Rose Bowl with 14:32 2nd Quarter.

-The Sports Meshugenuh-


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