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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Loan Sharks are big fish!

I found this in a forum @, thought all you gamblers out there might enoy it:

I think I'm in trouble, huge gambling problem in Vegas, Please help!
Author: Waffle Stomped.

"Ok. Last summer I went to Vegas with a couple of friends. I don't know if most of you are familar with Vegas but its a city for gambling. We stayed at the Ceasers Palace Hotel. It was awesome, great shops and buffets and crap. We watched a couple of magic shows also. It was awesome. Then the last 2 nights my friends and I started to gamble at the tables. We played alot of BlackJack. I was up about $500 and my friend was down about $100. My other two friends were at the slots, they aren't big gamblers.

Anyways, my friend and I started getting a lot of bad luck and started losing pretty bad. We ending losing about $1000 each. I ending doing something really stupid. I went to the ATM and went into my savings account. I ended up losing almost all my savings trying to win my money back. Now I have almost no money for school and stuff.

When we came home at the end, my friends all went home and I went back to my apartment with my other hardcore gambler friend. He also lost alot of money but not nearly as much as I did. Now that I'm home, I realized I can't afford to pay the rent this month and my friend might have to spot me. I have a pretty crappy job off campus at my school so I'm going to have to start working many more hours. I can't really ask my parents for money because they would get mad at me. I don't know what to do now to pay for my car issurance and my rent and all my other expenses.

So to get some money quick, my friend said he had a friend that can loan me a bunch of cash if I wanted. I met his friend (I should've known this was going to end bad) and he gave me about $5,000 cash. Remember people, this was last summer so its been about 6 months.

Back to the story, so I ended borrowing some money. I never really got more hours or a second job so I didn't have enough money to pay his friend back for the next 3-4 months. The last time my friend saw him, he told my friend that I have to pay him back $10,000!! I was like wtf, no way so I wanted to go talk to him. I ended up trying to avoid him because I didn't really know what to do and I had no where near that amount of money. The next couple of weeks, he kept trying to get a hold of me but I just told him that I will give him the money as soon as I get it.

Now, just this last week, my friend gave him my cell # cause he really wanted his money back. I have about half of it so I was going to call him and tell him. I was pretty nervous about talking to him because I didn't know if he was going to raise the amount of money I owed him or not. This next part of the story is where things get a little crazy...

I was walking around my neigherhood in LA with one of my other friends. It was pretty depressing. I was just walking around thinking of what I did. I had about half the money My friend and I were going to give him in my savings account. So we were walking home from the grocery store around the corner. We saw our old highschool as I was walking home. I started remembering the good old days when I use to hang out with my friends living at home not caring about work or the future. I was thinking how fun it was playing basketball on the school court. For some reason, We ended up walking towards the school just to get the feeling of the good old days. I saw some kids playing basketball. Then, I saw him. I saw my friend's friend that loaned me the money. I was scared for my life. He was with 2 other pretty big guys and since I have been avoided them.

Then the kids playing basketball accidently shot an airball my way. I took the ball and i threw it my hardest towards the my friends friends head. I left my grocerys and we started running as fast as we could. I looked back and I saw the 3 guys running after us. A million things were running through my head at this point. We ended up running into a dead-end. There was a wall and 2 classrooms on the sides. I started trying to climb the wall but the guys were too close behind us. They caught me and pulled me off the wall. Then they threw me on the ground and told me to give them the money. They held my friend back as they started going my pockets for the money. Then the 2 kids playing basketball ended up showing up because they saw the guys chasing us. They started fighting and one of the loan shark's friend pulled out a gun and the other pulled out a knife. Thats when I realized... they were up to no good, started making trouble in our neighborhood i got in one little fight and my mom got scared she said your moving with your auntie and uncle in Bel-Air i whistled for a cab and when it came near the license plate said fresh and had dice in the mirror if anything i could say that this cab was rare but i thought nah, forget it yo home to bel-air! i-pulled- up to a house about seven or eight i yelled to the cabbie yo home, smell you later looked at my kingdom i was finally there to sit on my throne as the prince of bel-air."

Hope you enjoyed the story!
While we're on the subject of Big-fish here is my Video clip for the day (thanks, girlfriend chef):


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