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Monday, February 13, 2006

Look out for the counterfeit on Ebay!

I recently watched a show on HBO entitled: Real Sports w/Bryant Gumbel, when the subject of counterfeit autographs came up. I have always bought and sold many collectibles on Ebay and have dealt with autographed items on a weekly basis. I began to get suspicious when I saw the show on HBO and learned of this! What you have just seen was supposily a fake or a fugazi. You can read the real Ebay discussion board where this card was discussed.

I being a Meshugenuh when it comes to sports, recognize a great service out there that everyone may use when it comes to authenticity issues. Below are a few things that I would like you to read about PSA/DNA:

Become a member

Autographed Baseball Grading Process

Thanks for reading and watch out on Ebay!

Here is the medal count for the Olympics:

  1. Norway, 8
  2. Russia, 7
  3. United States, 6
  4. South Korea, 3
  5. Netherlands, 3




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