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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Team of the Rising Sun wins World Baseball Classic

For those of you who actually care, Japan won the World Baseball Classic over Cuba 10-6 on Monday night. I believe the Japanese team truly deserved to win and that the United States team could care less. Why do they have this stupid tournament anyway? Does anyone realize how many of the players would rather be at spring training with their real teams? I happened to be one of the true baseball dorks who actually watched these pathetic games and I was pissed. I thought the Dominican or Cuban team were the best by far. Cuba really impressed me because I have never even heard of one single player. I also think that MLB owners should start placing things in their players contract clauses such as: I A-ROD will not participate in the World Baseball Classic and will report straight to spring training with the Yankees. Why should these ridiculously high paid athletes play in the Olympics and other world events when they could get injured and lose their ridicously high paying jobs? Tell me what u think!

Something to make you laugh besides the United States Baseball team.


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