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Friday, January 20, 2006

Kimbo Slice

For those of you out there who have never heard of Kimbo Slice here he is:

Kimbo, cousin of Emmanuel Augustus, is a badass Miami enforcer who fights for purses of 3-5 g's on a regular basis. He'll put up his money up against yours to find out who is superior. He doesn't care if it's at your place of work or in your own backyard. If you're willing to put up the dough, he'll fight you for it. In the clip below he attempts to earn more green by going heads up against another stocky brawler named Byrd. For those of you who don't know the full story behind that video, here goes. Kimbo Slice (amazingly that's his last name) is an ex-con who did ten years of hard time but was finally released about 10 months ago.

He fights in underground boxing matches from time to time winning purses that range from 3-10 thousand gs. This year alone, he's 9-1. His lone loss was suffered when his opponent used mace. Kimbo acknowledges the loss because he says, "I shoulda kicked his ass much faster and knocked the bitch out cold. And before the fight we said no weapons, but didn't say no mace." Backed by the owner of a popular Miami based porn website, Kimbo earned his first 10 thousand dollar purse when he knocked out that same opponent in a rematch. The bout took but a mere 10 seconds. Not taking any chances, Kimbo pounced on his opponent 5 times after he was out cold. Kimbo is well aware that underground fighting is illegal but he cannot help it. He can't earn a decent living through legit means because of his prison track record.

If you were a big bad ass in his situation and someone came up to you and said, "I know someone who will fight you for 10 grand heads up", you might consider it also. Kimbo is now considering turning pro through the advice of his cousin, Emmanuel Augustus, and local boxing trainers in Miami. Once he turns pro, he will leave his underground fighting days behind. As he contemplates the countless possibilities, Kimbo will continue to fight in underground battles to provide for himself and his disabled mother. As Kimbo so eloquently put it, "That's how a nigga eat."

Click on the link below that reads Kimbo vs. Bryd, then click on:

Meet Kimbo Slice, at the very bottom of the page.
once you're on the site.

Here is his most famous fight: Kimbo vs. Bryd

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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Marinelli will put the M back in Motown!

In the news today was the hiring of the Detroit Lion's new head coach, Rod Marinelli. Marinelli, who spent the past 10 seasons in Tampa Bay as Defensive line coach, sort of sounds like the right man for the job (I think?). Why didn't we interview Wayne Fonts? We actually had a good team back then and I wouldn't have minded Fonts coaching the new Lions.

Anyway, back to Rod, he is a Vietnam Veteran and admits that there's one voice for leadership...mine! Marinelli has never been a head coach at any level in football. He was the assistant coach @ T.B. and has also helped coach Utah State, Arizona State, California, and USC (for 1 year). Marinelli is a young gun...only 56 years old! Marinelli helped T.B. establish an NFL record with 69 straight games with at least one sack from 1999-2003, and also helped T.B. win the Super Bowl.

Over the last five years the Lions have gone 21-59, worst among all teams in the league. Marinelli who signed a 4-year contract has to follow in the footsteps of Steve Mariucci and Marty Morningweg. These are the 3 M's for Detroit:

Actually 4-M's... Matt Millen:

Detroit is known for Marshall Mathers (Eminem), Madonna, and Motown...will Matt Millen and Rod Marinelli be added to this list one day?

I'm very skeptical about our new coach, but I wish him all the luck in the world coaching a team led by a piano player. I guarantee that if we had hired a coach for the Lions without an M in his name we would have had a Super Bowl Title by now. Tell me what you think.

-Da Meshugenuh-

In the crowd again

The NBA may need to put walls up around the court in the near future if players continue to jump into the crowd. Last night, Antonio Davis proceeded to jump into the crowd to protect his wife from a disgruntled fan. We will find out his punishment later on this week, but I'm hoping its not too harsh. What would you do if someone was threatening your wife in the crowd while you were working? Please feel free to comment on this sore subject and be sure to look at the information I provided below:



Notice what team Antonio Davis played for early on in his NBA you think the Pacers teach their players how to jump in the crowd during practice?


Finally, check out King James showing off his amazing basketball skills.

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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Which is your favorite picture?

I was really tired and bored today and decided to keep it real simple and give you guys some crazy pictures. Comment below on which Picture is you favorite:

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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Back from Vegas!

Hello Gang and welcome back to the Greatest Sports Blog on the Planet! I just got back from Vegas and I'm trying to recuperate from the bets I made on the trip. First, I will show you that I'm not perfect and even I can jump on the band-wagon sometimes! Here are 2 of my pathetic picks that I miserably lost last weekend:

Indy -10 (This was by far the worst bet I made on the entire trip but it turned out to be an epic game)

N.E. +3 ( Another fine example of how the ref's can screw up an important game)

I did the unthinkable and bet on Harvard to cover a game over Dartmouth. For those of you out there who don't follow Ivy-League basketball, (Harvard will be the Ivy-League conference selection for the "Big Dance" this year). I stand by my team and you heard it here first, Bet on Harvard with the points from here on out!
I did not watch Harvard Man before I made my pick! (lol)

"When it comes to Harvard, it's always a smart bet"

I finally want to thank Stars Live 365 and Field of Dreams in The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. I got to hang out with Pete Rose and watch the Chicago Bears loose to the Carolina Panthers on Sunday. For all you memorabilia junkies who will be visiting Vegas this year, check out Field of Dreams @ The Forum Shops @ Caesars Palace, and tell them the Sports Meshugenuh sent ya!

I had a great time in Vegas but its great to be back here in Michigan!
Check out my blog this week and Go Seattle, my pick for the Super Bowl Champions in my hometown Detroit this year.
-Hasta La Vista Baby-