meshugenuh (me-shu-ge-nuh) n. Yiddish 1) A crazy person, 2) A madman.


Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Superbowl XL Radio Row

As you may know, I am from Detroit and am a true sports meshugenuh. So just like any true sports meshugenuh would do, I managed to get myself and my buddy into Radio Row at the Renaissance Center to say 'what up' to few people. Here is who we met:
The Lingerie-Bowl Girls

Hank "The Hammer" Goldberg
website ESPN Studio

Torry Holt

Chad Johnson

Scoop Jackson (pictured with the Muffin Man and the Sports Meshugenuh)

Lincoln Kennedy and Donovan Mcnabb

Finally, here is a list of all the parties going on this weekend and the official Super Bowl XL site.


Super Bowl XL

I will be everywhere in Detroit this weekend and will have access to pretty much wherever I want to go, so expect some great photos and look for the Sports Meshugenuh on the NFL network.

Go Seattle!

Sunday, January 29, 2006

All Meshugenuh Clips

I will be writing on Super Bowl XL in my hometown of Detroit this whole week and even next week if the game is a classic. For now I will give you some examples of Meshugenuh's in the form of video clips (enjoy):

Meshugenuh having fun with tape!

Big Unit Meshugenuh

Meshugenuh Soccer Fan

Alexander Ovechkin's Meshugenuh goal

Japanese Baseball Meshugenuh

And Finally here are the best College Basketball names:

By Shawn Siegel
Some names sound funny, others just are funny. Some names are memorable and some you wish you'd just never hear again. Year after year, names like God Shammgod, World B. Free, and Tommy Gunn provide conversation fodder for basketball fans. Who are this year's God's, World's and Gunn's? Here are the Top 30 names in college basketball:

30) Brad Nuckles - ETSU
Why? "Bloody" nickname makes for good headlines.

29) Akin Akingbala - Clemson
Why? Parents took easy way out and just copied Akin from last name.

28) QuoVadis Harper - Chicago State
Why? First name gets huge points in Scrabble.

27) Can Civi - Davidson
Why? Apparently pronounced "John Chee-vee." If you say so.

26) Bubba Long - Eastern Kentucky
Why? Nothing says Eastern Kentucky like the name Bubba.

25) Supo Jegede - New Mexico State
Why? No Supo for you!

24) Jazz Henderson - Long Beach State
Why? I wish my first name was Jazz.

23) Luc Richard Mbah a Moute - UCLA
Why? My Mbah is better than your a Moute.

22) Leemire Goldwire - Charlotte
Why? It rhymes! Weeeee!

21) Arizona AZ Reid - High Point
Why? Best of the geographic names.

20) Stanley Asumnu - Tennessee
Why? If you assume, you make an as out of u and mnu.

19) Uwemedimo Eshietedoho - UMBC
Why? By my count, that's 11 syllables.

18) Paulius Packevicius - Rice
Why? Try Saying that name three times fast.

17) B-Jay Walker - Oakland
Why? I'd be twice as cool with a dash in my first name.

16) Kibwe Trim - Sacred Heart
Why? Could be America's next hot diet.

15) VJ Fails - Charleston Southern
Why? Unfortunately VJ Fails often from the FT line (3-16 for career!)

14) Teaco Mickles - Alabama A&M
Why? If I wonder if Teaco laughs when you mickle him.

13) Pops Mensah-Bonsu - GW
Why? Because his name is Pops Mensah-Bonsu.

12) Parfait Bitee - Rhode Island
Why? I know a great recipe for Parfait Bitee.

11) Pooh Jeter - Portland
Why? Do you have to ask?

10) Preston LeMaster - Kentucky
Why? I am the LeMaster of my own domain!

9) Dipo Popoola - Northeastern
Why? Would be twice as funny if his name was Poopola.

8) Fats Cuyler - MSTU
Why? I used to bowl with a guy named Fats. He was fat.

7) Austin Swig - Montana
Why? It would be cool if college kids yelled "Swig! Swig! Swig! Swig!" at parties.

6) Cleve Woodfork - Tenn-Martin
Why? It takes more than a wood fork to cleave meat.

5) Dexter Shankle - UTPA
Why? This name just makes me giggle for some reason.

4) Austen Powers - CS Northridge
Why? If you don't know, I guess you don't like movies.

3) Willie Dingle - Rider
Why? It's not proper to show your Willie Dingle in public.

2) Chris Porn - Elon
Why? Because this guy knows how to use his Willie Dingle.

1) Chief Kickingstallionsims - Stetson
Why? I figured it would mean "Likes to Kick Stallions." But apparently it means "Strength of Fallen Rocks."

The new Meshugenuh Holiday!