meshugenuh (me-shu-ge-nuh) n. Yiddish 1) A crazy person, 2) A madman.


Saturday, February 11, 2006 has arrived and is ready to use! No more carpal tunnel syndrome trying to type my old address:

Try it out for yourself, walk on the wildside and type in on any computer around the world and get ready for the action. Please feel free to comment on this post and leave me any ideas that may interest you for this site in the future.
Please keep your comments as clean as possible and have a wonderful weekend!

-The Sports Meshugenuh-

Friday, February 10, 2006

Feb 10-26 Winter Olympics from Turin, Italy

I hope everyone is watching the introduction to the Winter Olympic Games in Turin this evening. The Ferrari made some sic little circles and Yoko Ono said peace more times than hippie at a Dead show. I will include the Medal count for the Winter Olympics when they begin and mainly write about the Games until they end on the 26th of February. Below is a link to check out Yahoo's official Olympic site and its a good one this year. Good luck U.S.A. and bring back the Gold!

Olympic Games Link

And of course I have to give you something to laugh about this evening...

Meshugenuh Cop

I thought Ashlee Simpson was bad until I saw this!

Thursday, February 09, 2006 (The site is up on Monday!), will be ready to use on Monday February 13th, just in time for Valentines day. I will be giving out a sweet prize for the winner of this competition. Here is all you have to do: Tell me by putting a comment below this post, who will win the game between The Detroit Pistons at home vs The New Jersey Nets and the two scores combined to win a once in a lifetime gift from the Meshugenuh.

Here is an example of what I'm looking for: Detroit 144.

I think you all will be excited by my intro which in no way copies Trent's: intro page. Remember to check out and Trent's site, and tell them both The Meshugenuh sent ya! Spread the love Da Detroit Way and stop the haters of the blog world for ruining it for us all.

I will end this post tonight by giving a few Meshugenuh video clips and congratulation Mike Martz for his signing with the pathetic Detroit Lions.

Meshugenuh Video Clips:
Look who made the NBA Eastern All Star Team Reserves:

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Where was Montana and What's up with Tocchet?

Tonight we will explore two issues in the world of sports that really have nothing in common besides the fact that they're all Meshugenuh acts. The first Meshugenuh is Rick Tocchet who on Wednesday got an idefinite leave of absence for an illegal gambling ring he was involved in.
I have included the story so I don't have to write anymore about this idiot.

The Rich Tocchet Incident

The other person I will be talking about is Joe Montana. Joe was supposed to take part at pre-game ceremonies with the other past MVP's for Super Bowl XL, but never showed up. He claims he was supposed to get $100,000 for his appearance but never got it and left on Friday. We later find out that he returned home on Friday to attend his sons' weekend basketball games.

Joe was also quoted by stating "The Super Bowl is important to a lot of people but, to me, it was more important that I was home with my boys." This whole episode is a bunch of B.S.! Who gives a damn where Joe goes or if he wants to spend time with his family? All I care about is the fact that he was supposed to be at the Super Bowl festivities and he skipped town early. The Meshugenuh was quoted on Wednesday by stating "Joe, Detroit thinks you suck and we hope you watch every stinking basketball game your spoiled kids play."

You suck Joe!

-The Sports Meshugenuh-

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Meshugenuh loves Videos

I love crazy Meshugenuh videos of people doing crazy s--t. I will give you a few examples in tonight's post and hope you all enjoy them. By the way, I wanted to congratulate (no one) because no one choose Pittsburgh for my Super Bowl Challenge! Better luck next year and yes, there will be more prizes given out soon.
And here are the videos for this evening:

Thank you for looking and good night.

The Meshugenuh says:
"Stop smoking this year and you will save lots of money!"

Monday, February 06, 2006

More Super Bowl Pics!

I'm finally back in E.L. and boy have I got some sweet pictures to share with you. I want to thank everyone that I met and all my friends who hung out with me on Super Bowl Sunday. I also want to thank my friend Goooshhh...for letting me sleep on his couch in his basement during the night of the big storm. I also had a wonderful time with my Meshugenuh-Bro on Saturday at the Renaissance Center, man oh man, was that brunch good. Anyway check out these shots below and tell me what you think:






Congratulations to the Pittsburgh Steelers and big up's to the city of Detroit for hosting a great Super Bowl this year. Check out Big Ben's Blog and mad respect for all of you who took the under and tails during the coin flip.